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1000-meter Acoustic Runway

Grzegorz Lechowski Friday, 11.06.2010
It wouldn't be a bad idea to leave the useless Tempelhof airfield, a green spot covering vast part of the city, just as it is now: void, open, undefined. It is exactly this current openness that so effectively disarms the traumatic aura of the "Welthauptstadt" and makes Tempelhof [...]

Stardust Falls on Tempelhof

Grzegorz Lechowski Monday, 7.06.2010
"Stardust", an aero-performance by Natalia Romik, took place in Tempelhof on 29 May 2010. The weather was really beautiful on that day, so the former airfield was overcrowded with amateurs of barbecue, sunbathing, badminton, and knotting, of course. [...]

Menschen am Sonntag | People on Sunday

Oliver Baurhenn Monday, 24.05.2010
Menschen am SonntagPentecost's Sunday  On arrival at Tempelhof our cook Börk provided us with a delicious Sunday-holiday lunch: lamb chops and fresh salad! What a feast. Definitely he was doing a competition with all the other barbecue addicted around us. As we are positioned on the Barbecue area, quite a lot [...]